Return to Heaven – The Infamy

The Infamy… that’s the only way how it should be named what the Nexus “community”did this days.

From a protest against the announcement made by Valve\Bethesda about paid mods, the Nexus “community” was sweeped by a tidal wave of irrational rage, hate and intolerance directed towards ALL the modders.

The beginning:

The aftermath…

Modders was described as”spoiled”brats”, “greedy”, “piggy-backers” and even “ungrateful ( !!! )”, every modder raising his voice against this wave of mud was INSTANTLY covered in comments ranging from sarcastic discontempt  like ” whatever, is not much about your work so piss off ” or ” you won’t be regretted” to comments more personal like ” say hi to Devil when you go to Hell” or “see you dead you m**** f****”.

This … mob is having the impression that is entitled to free mods, to put a gag in modders mouth.

” Gimme your work and shut the f*** up, you greedy spoiled brat”… basically that was the idea of the whole Nexus community, no matter the fancy arguments.

You could compare the way how this subject was discussed here:

or here

With the way how the entire modding community was trashed by some lowlife nobody dictators with big mouths full of… lies ( what you believed ?!… ).

What you will read there ( if you are interested in the future of modding of course… and your guts are strong enough ) is beyond any rational behaviour of a human being.

A mob, explaining to MODDERS what MODDING is or even better, how and what it should be.

A mob “knowing” better than MODDERS how a mod is created and build.

A mob using in fact a dirty smoke screen of more or less fancy words to hide their deepest concern… they are entitled to the free mods no matter what… example this comment from the twisted mind of a Nexus USER :

“When a user clicks the ENDORSE button, they are endorsing the mod, not the mod author”… his out of his mind or not?!

As far as endorsements go, well they are a kind of thumbs up to other users looking for a mod. They are not a thank you to the modder, they are not some kind of pseudo payment.

All it does is say “I think other people will like this” and by creating a classement could give an idea how good is that mod, again, from the users point of view, but in any terms, you could not dissociate the author from his mod.

Now the magic word in everyone mouth is “DONATION “… where was Nexus at the right momment to sustain the modders?

NOW they implement the donate button ( and another proof that they don’t REALLY care is where they put that button… on the DOWNLOAD reminder!!!… who the Hell will pay upfront before trying the mod?)… I would be curious how long will last this trend, since people are not willing even to click the endorse button… 🙂

But I should no wonder about Nexus, since they was listed as Service Provider in those days.

The champion of free modding was covertly adding some cash… disgusting but understandable from someone like Robin aka DarkOne.

Instead of cutting the evil from the very roots, he tolerated this unholy crusade against modders, not EVEN one of the vitriolic and aggressive user was banned for the filth they thrown on modders, for trashing, bashing, flaming all the modders as a whole… Modpocalyse.

To be very clear understand here, I’m NOT defending the pay mod system, I’m defending the right to FREE opinion, FREE act and FREE will.

How strange is life… in my last post I  was about to talk about community and now the “community ” revealed his true nightmarish face, a face twisted by discontempt, hate and intolerance.

The people feeling entitled to other peoples work and entitled to dictating the choices that others make is what caused this rift.

True respect is allowing others to make decisions for themselves, even if you disagree with those decisions.

This means that the modders, and those willing to purchase their mods, should be allowed to sale and purchase clearly owned mods for whatever price they agree upon.

You don’t get to dictate to modders what the appropriate price for their mod is, what an appropriate amount of recompense for selling their mod is, or how much the purchaser gets to pay, while claiming you have any respect for the individuals involved in the voluntary transaction.

People have the right to sale whatever they clearly, CLEARLY own, for whatever amount they wish, to whomever agrees to purchase it.

You have not moral, ethical, or legal right to interfere in this voluntary exchange.

That’s WHY I decided to delete all the files from Nexus, because I don’t want that the name AQFH to be associated with the Nexus realm of intolerance and hypocrisy..

I also deleted all the files from my computer related to Fallout 3 ( Codename Icarus and AQFH 4 ), no more future AQFH episodes for haters.

Instead I decided to focus on Unreal 4 game engine, who is entirely FREE !!!, just take a look here:

Smart and extraordinary move from Epic… they WILL have a lot of talented developers ( read: modders and teams of modders ) to choose from, more than they could EVER afford to pay.

So… if anyone is willing to embark into a new adventure, now is the time.

A Quest for Heaven – Nightfall ( WIP name ) is beginning his journey, maybe YOU could stand beside ME and create TOGETHER something wonderful.


Return to Heaven – Chapter two

Zealot (from Greek ζηλωτήςzelotes, “emulator, zealous admirer or follower”)

Nexus (fromLatin nexus (the act of binding together; bond), from nectō (bind)

nexus – It’s a private property owned by the DorkOne, and he has the right to do whatever he wants with you, he owns you… 🙂

Today I will speak about zealots and their masters.

Maybe initial it was a good intention… maybe initial it was enthusiasm… maybe.

We will never know, what is certain is that the owner of the so called nexus of modding changed all into something evil and despicable.

The hungry for money and power turn a good initiative into the opposite, tearing apart the “community”.

He surrounded himself with people of the same low extraction and begin to… harass the very ones who sustained and make it possible with their work the sites, modders and fans… arrogance, discontempt, this are the common basis for daily “moderator” work.

Let’s take a look at this mad circus… and I will begin from the bottom of the “food chain”…

Micalov – staff member

The lowest bully, it’s used as an enforcer of the lowest quality. He love to lure people into traps and ban them after that.

You could be banned by this “muscle” if you disagree with him, if you ask questions ( for example a poor guy ask if he could use mods on console… it was banned for “PIRACY” ! ).

He love the mockery and verbal abuse towards most common problems asked by people.

Main weapons – misleading, lies and arrogance, all augmented with the most suburban way of speaking.

Thandal – staff member

This guy is the mad dog of the Nexus, in a contest of the craziest people from nexus this guy will win with no opponents.

Basically take everything that is wrong in a modern day government and stuff it into this guy’s online entity.

He has zero common sense and has finger on the ban trigger 24/7. Step out of line just a millimeter and your virtual brain will be splattered across the wall. And even if you don’t step out of line, be prepared to face the belittling of a lifetime via private messages ( one person was banned for deleting his save folder in the MyGames directory…He called them a pirate !!!).

Main weapons – Fights dirty and he loves it, also he accuse without the smallest proof or evidence.

Of course they are some others ( MotoScorpion, LadyMilla, Millenia… ) but they are not worthy to be mentioned compared to the above “giants”, all that they have in common is the same arrogance and elitism towards… everyone.

Now let’s go up the chain food… more surprises await us, now we will will deal with the top predators…

Vagrant0 – moderator

His sarcasm and snide remarks are aggravating and purposely made to stir people up. Too bad the concept of “trolling” doesn’t apply to the moderators… because it would, this guy will win the cup of “Master Troll”.

He sticks around the forums so you can easily avoid him. Same with buddah, who is equally as pretentious and self-centered.

The Vampire Dante – moderator

This one is from another extraction… smart, sometimes benevolent and with some artistic talent but…

But has no spine, obey to his dark master orders, deleting files, modifying accounts and even threatening people, all in the same line with the others but with a more “intellectual “approach… he managed to fool a lot of people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

And at the top of the food chain… who else than the Dark master.

Who troll all the possible sites to hunt down all the possible opponents of his “private property”, a guy who had no problems in naming assholes those who use addblockers, a guy who’s promoting in an aggressive way a mod manager who needs administrative rights ( !!! ) to access your PC, to access YOUR local data, ANY of your local data… ( you should also expect your IP and UserAgent to be visible through ExtremeTracking… what a hell, it’s a private property)

And below this horde of elitist and arrogant people are the zealots, you know them, those who jump to defend the moderators rule, splattering all over the forums with their arguments taken directly from mods mouth… literally.

One the best example is a black kitty… no creativity, no talent, nothing but…

But “she” know everything about everything and more important, “she’s” in the line.

And like this kat are many more others, ready to trash you for a bit of attention from the Dark Horde. One of the most disappointed moment for me was when a person who I was respecting jumped on my throat accusing me of stealing and dishonoring the memory of Firelady… disgusting… ( later when that person knew the real truth not the one fabricated by the Horde apologize… but it was too late).

And one more thing… they have also something in common… 🙂

Almost all of them tried to create something and guess what?!…they failed… what a damn hilarious fate, to be a moderator and your mods to be ignored… rofl… (“Almost”meaning that one very talented person get lost inside this Horde and I must mention him, for his human and artistic qualities – LHammonds.)

But enough with the Dark Horde… they have a Dark master as a ruler and they will fade away into the darkness and oblivion they belong.

They tried to expand to other popular games but they failed… once you trash your public image is hard to fix it.

They failed to create and maintain a community and the payback could be seen from here…

But more about the “community”, about the arrogance and obedience, in the next chapter.


Until we meet again, what could be the link between “A Quest for Heaven – The Iron Dream” and the game engine Unreal 4 ?…

Have a nice day 🙂

Return to Heaven – Chapter one

It’s some time since I haven’t write something, mostly because a lot of good things happened in my life recently, keeping me busy and excited about the new twist in my personal adventure named real life.

But this days I felt that I must return to one of the important part of my life, namely… modding.

I will begin with some questions and I will end with an announcement.

First question it’s about a certain site, who’s owner believe is the nexus of all modding scene… at least that he hopped. During the last years, this site or better said family of sites, become more and more aggressive, elitist and arrogant against his own PAID users, regular users and modders, using tactics like intimidation ( threatening people because speak about “banned” subjects, removing pictures who also contain “banned” names !!! ), sarcastic “moderators” comments to normal questions of normal people, misleading information about the paid accounts and so on.

Even worst… they released a so called “mod manager”, promoting in an aggressive way the use of this mod manager, when it was already a very powerful and stable mod manager… and honest. Honest?… Yes, because this mod manager has a very peculiar behavior.

In my line of work I meet a wide range of people with various jobs, including IT services and I mean professional IT engineers and software programmers. When I ask some of this people to take a look at this piece of “software” the first question what I was asked was: “Where the Hell did you get this piece of junk? “

It’s not about the poor programming, it’s not about the unprofessional way is assembled, it’s about what this ” thing” is NOT doing.

Quoting one of the engineers who examined this software… ” It has so many security holes that I wonder what is the real purpose of this… junk !”

Any honest software will ask YOUR approval to collect information about you or at least will warn you about collecting information… but not this mod manager. Where goes the information collected about you ( browsing habits, personal data, local PC data )… well, only the creator of this software and the owner of the site knows…

But maybe you have noticed the abundance of ads and commercials suffocating you when you browse the pages of this site and strangely… this commercials fit exactly your browsing history. Do you think this information, collected from MILLIONS of users is for free?!…

Is not.

A greedy owner, surrounded by power hungry people, infected with elitism, contempt and  harassment towards the normal people…. nice public image for those who claim to be the nexus of modding… What about the tolerated and encouraged zealots pointed to mislead, disinform and harass people, what about hunting down users on other sites, what about stupidity…well, more in Chapter Two…

A true story… Episode 2

I’m back with a new true story, but to properly begin I must reproduce a personal message from one of the Nexus site staff members, with his exact words and writing.


22 March 2014, 02:56


micalov has sent you a new personal conversation entitled “File hidden by staff – A Quest for Heaven Episode 3”.

micalov said:

I have set your file a Quest for Heaven episode 3 to hidden from public view as it contains illegal assets I am afraid.

The member T0xa is a well know ripper from commercial games so all assets of his used minus the stalker animal meshes must be removed from the mod unfortunately and are also not allowed on the Nexus family of sites.

We understand this can be a pain especially for such a large mod but we can not allow illegal assets even if the mod author was not aware of it.

Once the assets have been removed from the mod feel free to unhide it but please do not unhide it until this has been done thank you.



So… notice how that “ I ” is changing at some point suddenly in ” WE “…

Also ” minus the stalker animal meshes ” what does that mean? Toxa is half ripper? some assets ARE allowed and some others don’t?

Or this one ” […] are also not allowed on the Nexus family of sites ” … you must be joking, because in this case you should ban at least a half from mods from Nexus!

After I asked micalov staff member about what resources we talk, exactly, that was the response:


27 March 2014, 01:45


micalov has replied to a personal conversation entitled “File hidden by staff – A Quest for Heaven Episode 3”.

micalov said:

Apologies for the late reply, the file was only hidden, not set into moderator review, the models in question are the toxa ones, namely off hand the time assassin armor is a defo rip from Unreal if I recall and the weapons are heavily suspicious of rips presuming they are his, as a rule of thumb we do not allow Toxa assets in mods full stop minus Stalker creatures because he tends to use 90% ripped assets and the weapons look like a mash up of MW and BF weapons on inspection to be exact.

Toxa himself was given enough chances and kept doing the same.



I responded him with a list of all credited authors, including weapons models.

I agree to change that armor model and some weapons models who might be from Toxa.

Again I asked him to pinpoint exactly the other models in question… well, that final message vent into the wind, since micalov staff member… never responded back.

How it’s possible to have a file voted for the “File of the Month “, to be endorsed ( along others ) by the same micalov staff member and after five ( 5 ! ) month, to ban the author?!

Someone tipped the micalov staff member about the shady things inside AQFH 3?!

Well… now we enter into the twilight zone of the Nexus.

Today I will speak about ONE of the strange characters roaming that place, a character who LOVE to throw on you a wall of text, babbling all kind of pseudo tech stuff, to make you understand how great is she, how much she know about… everything.

Because is a ” she “… or at least that want us to believe .

This ” she ” don’t know that you DO need codecs to hear some music, including for games.

The same ” she ” has the ferm impression that FILES change names when loaded into an editor, or even more interesting, that the files, miraculously, change attributes because of the OS, so if you have something created in Windows XP and you run on Windows 7, you are doomed, your files will begin a crazy movement of changing names AND location, ( maybe they have free will ?! )

The same ” she ” accused one of the well know modders ( mostly for his gorgeous armor models and pictures ) that hi stoled textures from Skyrim… because she saw a GREYED field in NifSkope… without knowing that this was only a feature FOR the Skyrim models only!

The same ” she ” after it was removed from the testing team for AQFH 3, begin a not so subtle campaign against AQFH 3.

”  You wanna be really careful about who you slam on that web site


That’s a line from someone who is able to create only… pictures, taken using others work.

From someone who is confusing people with aberrant explanations.

Because that’s the main difference between creators and destroyers… the first ones could create something from their minds and souls, the second ones know only how to talk about…

Purr for me black kitty… and rest in cc mechanical pieces!

Just wait to read the next story… 🙂