About quests and adventures…

Since I was told lately that I’m too silent about my work, I will fix for the moment this issue.

I have three mods on workbench :

  • The first is for Fallout 3, working title “On the shore of forever”, marking the beginning of a new saga, “The Iron Dream “. It will use some elements from AQFH lore but it will have a stand alone story and also stand alone side stories. The story of the Iron Dream will focus on the Majestic organisation, his goals and… well you don’t expect to know everything from the beginning, don’t you… :).
  • The second is for Fallout: New Vegas, working title ” Twilight”, will continue the story from the first one, adding a new vision about the Majestic organisation.
  • The third will be for Fallout 4, working title “Nightfall “. It will be a conclusion for the Iron Dream saga AND for AQFH… not willing to spoil too much the surprise…

It is a daunting task, but since I have now a lot of spare time ahead, I hope it will be completed. Since lately the overall quality of quest and adventure mods for Fallout lore is pretty low, I hope that this announcement will bring some joy for all of you who have enjoyed the adventures of AQFH.

The only thing I could guarantee is this: this new saga will have the same high quality standards of AQFH series.

Excellent level design, immersive atmosphere, excellent sound tracks, but above all… a gripping story.

The first teaser trailer for “The Iron Dream: On the shore of forever” is scheduled for 1 July 2017 and the approximative ( if all goes well ) release date for the first episode of TID is 1 September 2017.

Best wishes all