About quests and adventures…

Since I was told lately that I’m too silent about my work, I will fix for the moment this issue.

I have three mods on workbench :

  • The first is for Fallout 3, working title “On the shore of forever”, marking the beginning of a new saga, “The Iron Dream “. It will use some elements from AQFH lore but it will have a stand alone story and also stand alone side stories. The story of the Iron Dream will focus on the Majestic organisation, his goals and… well you don’t expect to know everything from the beginning, don’t you… :).
  • The second is for Fallout: New Vegas, working title ” Twilight”, will continue the story from the first one, adding a new vision about the Majestic organisation.
  • The third will be for Fallout 4, working title “Nightfall “. It will be a conclusion for the Iron Dream saga AND for AQFH… not willing to spoil too much the surprise…

It is a daunting task, but since I have now a lot of spare time ahead, I hope it will be completed. Since lately the overall quality of quest and adventure mods for Fallout lore is pretty low, I hope that this announcement will bring some joy for all of you who have enjoyed the adventures of AQFH.

The only thing I could guarantee is this: this new saga will have the same high quality standards of AQFH series.

Excellent level design, immersive atmosphere, excellent sound tracks, but above all… a gripping story.

The first teaser trailer for “The Iron Dream: On the shore of forever” is scheduled for 1 July 2017 and the approximative ( if all goes well ) release date for the first episode of TID is 1 September 2017.

Best wishes all



On the shore of Forever

Hello everyone who read this blog ! I will postpone for now the third chapter from “Smoke and mirrors” for more important and exciting news. For those who believe that they are the cham…

Source: On the shore of Forever

On the shore of Forever

Hello everyone who read this blog !

I will postpone for now the third chapter from “Smoke and mirrors” for more important and exciting news.

For those who believe that they are the champions of modding community the real life served them with a huge surprise.

In a ( not so for me… 🙂 ) surprising move, ModDB announced the acquire of…( keep your breath ) … the acquire of GameFront !!!

With this bold move, ModDB will be in the near future the best modding hub, and not for ONE game or franchise, but instead for HUNDREDS of games !


Now became more clear for those who are used to think the difference between a small time business and REAL business, between passion, dedication, respect for people and some shady ( PS ) operation meant to trick honest but gullible people to drain money.

Because ModDB is not ONLY a hub to download mods is also a platform for indie games, for independent game developers and for mods authors or team of modders, a serious site who connect people with same interests and passions.

And now the topic became even more interesting since the same “champions”of modding, under the umbrella of “we are the Saviors of mods”, have DRAINED ( you should read STEALED  … mea culpa !) hundreds of mods, with no MORAL or LEGAL rights.

Those mods or total conversion were uploaded to GameFront for a reason, not to be STOLEN for PROFIT by a controversial site and owner…. do you REALLY think that they downloaded HUNDREDS or maybe THOUSANDS of mods from GameFront only because they are “the good guys” ?!… no, they STOLE those mods to enlarge a  database containing MAINLY mods for ONE franchise… Fallout, from one publisher… Bethesda.

Have you not guessed already who’s the owner and the site?!… read the PS :).

It will be more than interesting to watch how this events will evolve.

On another note, speaking about Bethesda… here is an example of how other companies could deal the relation with a modding community.

This surprise is from Paradox Interactive who is making available a  downloadable content for Cities: Skylines to feature creations from one of the game’s talented modders !!!



So it is possible for a company to value his modding community AND support their creation by opening the access to a legal income! And all of that without the hysterical atmosphere that could be found on other family of sites ( PS )… and so called community… ( Read PS 🙂 )!

You could ask yourself WHY Bethesda could not do the same ?!… well, you should read this instead and maybe you will understand the difference.

I remember the wave of rage and insults from the so called “community” who literally determined a lot of talented modders or team of modders to leave THAT site ( PS ) and THAT ( PS ) community and to migrate to other ( more ) civilised sites and people.

But let’s leave for now this topic and move on to something else…

I was playing for some time, for my pleasure ( and to keep my mind sharp :] ), with the GECK… yes, THAT GECK… for Fallout 3.

And I realized that those beautiful levels and landscapes begin to have something in common and I said to myself : “Why not? ”

In the last months I received a lot of questions about new content for the AQFH saga and for future plans…

The “Scorched Earth ” saga, meaning AQFH is indeed a closed chapter, but why not continue with a new story ? A story involving the dreadful Majestic organisation, or an ancient and almost forgotten mystery and a battle for a better future ?!… all in the atmosphere of Fallout 3… having AQFH as a background story.

SO… I will do my best to begin a new saga, “The Iron Dream“, bringing together the unpublished content from “Codename Icarus”, from the beginning levels of AQFH 4 and the new content, for a first episode, with a WIP name “On the shore of Forever” and I must say… judging only by the content build so far, the first episode from “The Iron Dream” will dwarf even the massive AQFH 3 !

But since it’s always room for better, ANYONE with skills in modeling, texturing, rigging, scripting or voice acting is welcome onboard !… ANYONE who love the atmosphere of FO3.

Just imagine… “Deep Blue” … bigger, better and more beautiful!

That’s all folks… have a nice day !







PS. 🙂 Have not guessed already?!… It’s about my old friends, the dark gang from nexus family of sites!




Smoke and mirrors-Episode 2

One of the most true saying is this : Time is the enemy of all.

And only the time will tell us what will be the direction where the modding is heading, since a lot of things happened since my last post.

I will begin with the Fallout scene, since I’m too close to this domain.

From the previous post, those who read it, maybe have understand that the Fallout 4 release is more like a forced mix between several game genres and that is something not so many are happy with.

Beginning with the complete trash of the original Fallout lore, with embarrassing main story problems and the lack of some really interesting side stories, the lack of support for various video modes and finally with even more embarrassing “borrow” of ideas.

For the last affirmation I suggest you to read the article from the link below:


Since Beth is legally the owner of ALL your creation made with GECK or CK, is no wonder that something like the author wrote in that article is happening, is almost typical for Bethesda way of acting towards the modding scene ( in a somehow dark sense of humor, they had a genius movement with the release of the editors since they have at disposal an endless source of free ideas).

And speaking of Beth way of acting… since they announced the support for console modding, a wave of discussions swepped across the Internet and, as usual, find the most violent and insulting manifestation on Nexus. Guess who was acting like a champion of modding ( again?!) but in the same time pitching strongly the idea of being the sole handler of mods ?…

Well… guess again… no? …no idea?!

Who else than the guy who is hunting down the opponents of his site all over the Internet… still no guess?… is the same guy who under the mask of recovering mods from the deceased Filefront is STEALING in a massive way thousands of mods?


Because what the Dark Gang are doing “under the radar ” is named in any country with some kind of civil and penal laws – STEALING!!! Because no matter how many fancy words you throw on us boy, those people uploaded the result of their minds on Filefront with A REASON and I’m pretty sure that in none of those reasons was Nexus.

Well boys and girls… if you have not guessed already…it’s the same despicable character, Robin Scott aka DarkOne ( and the gang).

For your curiosity read the article from the link below, if you have enough patience, since the guy is not able to say something in a few sentences:


In a few words, Robin desire is to be Bethesda handler for modding, involving the Fallout franchise ( just wait to read how describe the moderators team and their non-stop awarness for the good of the Nexus family of sites… and for free!!!, how smart and alert are they and how well they handle the relation with public ;)…).

Robin… Robin… Greed is clouding your mind.

Why Bethesda, who is the legal owner of the Fallout franchise ( in every possible ways), will pass to you a serious chunk of money?!…, meaning the distribution of mods for PC AND consoles?

Since ANYONE could download a mod from Nexus, rename it and after that upload to Bethesda.net at Consoles area ( and this kind of stealing has already happend!!!) what modder wil be tempted to create something that could be take be some jerk so easily and uploaded under another name?

For this situation the only to blame are Bethesda and Nexus, both of them acting in his own way but with the same goal – money.

I’m in contact for long time with some of the best modders and modding teams and the sad truth is that most of those good people are simply disgusted and angered by the situation created by Bethesda AND nexus. My impression is that is possible not to see in the near future quality mods, especially quests mods.

And let’s be honest… why should spend someone months or even years to create a great quest mod, only to discover that his mods could be stolen and nobody from Bethesda or nexus will do something?!

Yes,you could find a LOT of retex ( and retex of retex and so on…), a lot of variations of the existing models of armors and guns… hats and swords… just that ( although I should mention one of the most talented armor modders who still upload to Nexus but I guess mentioning his name will do more harm than good).

Other than that, a lot of low quality ( better saying bad jokes) quests but with authors acting like prima donnas, settlements over settlements, tattoos and tons of pathetic weapons… hats and swords.

And all of that because Robin Scott aka DarkOne is trying so hard to promote the idea that his the ONLY one able to “support”modding…

Just a few links, to see what kind of liar is robin and his gang of zealots…

From the Russian scene:





The Russian scene is one of the largest in the world, not only for Fallout but for many other games, especially for the enduring franchise named STALKER.

Speaking of witch… modding for STALKER is damn complicated and still the Russian modders have created Mega mods, who completely change the feeling, the game play and even the story of STALKER, you should give it a try, you won’t regret.

World wide scene:




http://www.loverslab.com/ ( one of the most hated by DarkOne aka Robert Scott…:))

As you can see there are a lot of sites and this are just a few selected…

Hoping that I have not bothered too much, we will meet again in Episode 3, where one of the topics will be about something really interesting…financial reports.

Who’s financial reports?!… Guess from one try!  🙂

Have a nice day!




Smoke and mirrors-Episode 1

Real life is more and more demanding on me but still I got some time for some thoughts about Fallout 4 and some other stuff.

This is about Fallout 4, about mods and future plans for a new saga.

First of all, after the release of FO4, I was amazed by the level of… unfinished feeling of this game. From the lack of support for more video modes to game breaking flaws, from quests hilarious faults to the general feeling of… simplification.

They literally took ALL the good ideas from the modding scene, mixed with the NV and Skyrim mechanics, COMPLETELY dumped the Fallout lore to the trash ( btw, where are now the LORE nazis?!…lol) and the final result it’s some kind of skyrimfication of the Fallout lore.

Just a few examples…

The Power Armor was supposed to turn a soldier into a walking tank, even better than a tank! The Power Armor was powered by a Micro Fusion Pack, supposed to last for more than 100 years. The fear factor was so great that some soldiers captured entire units!!! And what we find in FO4 Bethesda Edition ?!… Some kind of armor, who could be destroyed easily by some low life punks, with some kind of low quality guns ( !!!) and even worse, with a power source lasting for a few days! It has an INCREDIBLE low armor rate, practically after every battle you must repair your armor. And even more fun… a PAINT is changing your armor stats!!!

Guns!!! …Oh God! When I first took an assault ( !!!) rile was something like :”WTF is this?! A WW 1 machine gun prototype?! “… the battle rifle is almost similar with the shotgun?!.. and the peek of the Beth game designers imagination … THE PIPE GUNS!!! Who the Hell will make a gun from a pipe or in other words HOW could someone expect some kind of accuracy firing with a bore pipe?! Of course they are also… ugly.

The resources system… crap! You should have a trailer attached to your awesome armor to carry what you could find and scrap! You loose a lot of time deciding what you dump and what you carry, what you scrap or what you keep. Hilarious… the most valuable resource is the … glue! Maybe in Beth game designers imagination you could patch a gun with glue and the whole will work…ROFL.

Game immersion…what a joke!!! You could level up for ever and when you will have ALL the perks, and you will have it all, you will discover that you have no more enemies to count, killing something being a routine matter.

Dialogue and story… what story?! Chatting, small talks with intention of deep thoughts, melodramatic and unrealistic in some points ( see lost child dialogues )… I almost forget what Beth believed to be the hype, the same gender “love stories” …rofl…what a pathetic attempt to compete with other great games ( see Mass Effect genial and credible approach of this subject).

The general feeling is that they tried to pack together  different ideas and game modes to give to customers some kind of swiss army knife type game, to please the “hunters”and the “gatherers” all together!

It’s not a bad game, it’s a bad Fallout franchise game! It has some great places and moments but they are lost in a sea of simplification… but the fanboys eat it up with pleasure.

We have already a plethora of fanboys in extaz!!!

But more about so called DLC, about the TONS of retexturing ( and retexturing of retexturing) mods, weapons and armors retexturing mods and some very hilarious quest mods ( but with authors acting like they have created the Big Bang theory) and more other subjects in the next episodes.


Nexus – Aftermath

A gang of amateurs driven by elitism, discontempt and lust for power… in a word ” Nexus family of sites “.

I will keep my comments to the minimum because this time I will reproduce the comment of an user, a modder, I will not reveal his nickname for obvious reasons.


Piracy is not a ” revolution ” against the system, it is people who cannot/will not pay for other peoples hard work, yet consider themselves entitled to it for free. It is theft, illegal, immoral, disrespectful and rude and selfish. It boils down to people just don’t want to pay…. so they steal.

No, the introduced pay mods scheme was not ” violently “done. The only violent thing that went on was the disgusting violence and abuse against not only the companies, but also the individual modders involved. There is no justification ever for demanding on mass that people “commit suicide” or threatening to track them down, kill them and their family and rape their corpse.

No justification for the most vile abuse and hatred, and also finding and releasing peoples personal information online so that the abuse could be taken further then the internet.

No justification EVER for that and no excuse period.

No one ‘forced’ the community to do anything, it was always an offered option to buy or sell mods. You couldn’t take mods down and resell them, Steam forbid that, free mods were not going anywhere. Only new mods or updated mods could be sold. People were entitled to disagree with paid for mods, but the backlash was unwarranted, incredibly unreasonable and not even done by the majority of the TES community at all. The majority of the upheaval and abuse was thrown by users from various websites that don’t give a damn about mods or TES, they incite riot of the ‘lulz’.

Yes communication could have been better, but really I don’t think that would have actually made any difference at all. People were out for riot because they just don’t want to pay. What should have happened was a far more calm, mature and less offensive approach to disagreeing with the situation if indeed the majority of the community did disagree.

No the customer is not always right. I worked over ten years in customer service and you learn that you cannot please everyone, it is impossible. Many dissatisfied customers are completely unreasonable. But the point is that those trolls that hurled abuse and crap were never customers and were never going to be customers, ever. We gain nothing from those people downloading our mods, except frequently abuse, so really their opinion actually means nothing.

The only social damage done to this community is the very clear and plain message sent out to modders about exactly how much value the public actually puts on modders and mods, the learning and knowledge required to mod as well as the hundreds, often thousands of hours of hard work that goes into making mods. When push came to shove and users were asked to give something beyond the odd endorsement and nice comment in order to get a mod ….the majority flat out didn’t want to, many to the point of making death threats. But they all still happily consume all our work, often without so much as a thank you.

Add to that the point when it became not only okay but encouraged and applauded to pirate our mods.( For example one user going by the name Vesuvius was claiming that mods were uploaded to pirate torrents MINUTES after were uploaded to Steam… how he knew that?!… unless… )

This community has ALWAYS stood against piracy and rallied and fought to protect our modders rights regarding their hard work for the ten years I have been here. This is where the community let it’s own down the hardest, not just the public, other modders who felt free to condone theft of mods, yet stood up expecting us all to rally and protect their free mods in the recent 450 mods theft by some russian guy. Trust has been lost and it is not Steam or Bethesda’s fault or pay for mods fault. It was the unnecessary, disgusting behavior exhibited by a large portion of this community, sorry but that is just a fact.

I have no doubt that what will come out of this and I know for a fact already has, is that modders have left, modders have got the ‘message’ and are now just distributing mods to friends. This whole thing was a slap it the face, kick in the balls and punch in the gut of people who have given so freely of their time, knowledge and hard work for years, by not only the public but also other modders. I am disgusted, revolted and angry.

Now that the trolls have moved onto the next shiny thing the real TES community is finally coming out of hiding. Those that do support and appreciate the value of someone else’s time and effort. Those that tried to speak up but were subjected to disgusting abuse. The part of the community that is actually reasonable and even if they disagree would never resort to prepubescent temper tantrums.

There and I told myself that I would not get involved in any of these discussions. I guess I am still angry and hurt by what was a shocking display of entitlement and violence. I will not be reading or replying to this thread further, I have had enough of peoples ‘opinions’ to last me a life time and I see no reason to have to ‘defend’ myself even more. I don’t mean to offend anyone and never did. I am trying to focus on the kind words that many have sent me because after ten years as part of this community I don’t want to leave or feel that I cannot still release my work….but sometimes it is hard, I won’t deny that.

In fact, the Nexus “staff” did NOTHING to stop this wave of hate and violence… a disgusting attitude from a disgusting gang, lead by a disgusting man.

An operation to grab a lot of money from honest but gullible people, offering only goodies like NMM, a piece of ” software” full of security holes and suspicious behaviour… harassing moderators, nazi admins who ban people based on Personal Messages and so on.

Farewell Nexus… R.I.P.

Best wishes to all

Farewell Fallout 3

The “Scorched Earth Saga”, meaning AQFH saga for Fallout 3 has ended.

For several reasons.

First of all, the outdated game engine of Fallout 3.

In my humble opinion, with AQFH 3 – Deep Blue it was reached the maximum potential for visual, audio and gameplay for a quest and adventure mod, using the Fallout 3 engine.

One of the “trademark”of the AQFH series was established first by Firelady and it was the original and impressive visual appearance. This trademark was maintained during all the episodes, improved and enlarged leading to the impressive Deep Blue.

ALL the levels of AQFH series was created from scratch, no copy/paste like so many have done during the time, most of the levels are at least to say large and detailed.

Another trademark of the AQFH series was the sound track… almost every level or situation has his unique music.

Also the ingame sounds, it was also a first, introduced by Firelady in Episode 1 and maintained and enriched during episode 2 and 3, creating a very unique and strong atmosphere.

And above all of this, a gripping main story with many other side stories, creating an unique and impressive image of a scorched world, with forgotten mysteries and dangerous secrets.

A second reason why the AQFH series for Fallout 3 has ended was the fact that my real life had changed dramatically, in a good way, my spare time to work to such mod was drastically reduced.

The third reason was… well… the “community” behaviour.

Frankly I get tired and angered at that time by the numerous virulent and offending comments towards me, or mine and Firelady work. Blaming the mod because the users don’t have an updated PC, because we don’t created also a walkthrough ( ?!! ) and so on.

I have not “”inherited” AQFH 3… I have WORKED directly to Episode 2 and managed entirely Episode 3, many of the level design from Episode 2 and almost all from Episode 3 was my work.

I have read comments related to Episode 3 like: “half of the work in Deep Blue was done by others” or “the author has disrespect for customers ( ?!!) “… of course where else, at Nexus…

A user on Mod DB, said that it would donate if this is the only condition to play more “updates” for AQFH… it wont be the case, AQFH WAS and IS totally free, nor Firelady or me have requested something for our “baby”…( beside I simply don’t believe in the “donation” system, since most of the users don’t even bother to vote… I have received 1 (ONE) donation after Episode 3 was released and it was from a friend !, after more than 3k downloads).

An other issue I want to address here… I DO have a problem to allow someone else to continue this saga and I want to make it very clearly here, I wont allow to anyone to use the AQFH name, story or any related topics without my written consent.

First of all, for quality reasons, the AQFH series was the ONLY series who was evolving from good to great, with every episode the quality bar was raised higher and higher. Players from ALL over the world have enjoyed this adventure, from Europe to America, from Asia to Australia. It was a great honor for Firelady and me to see how many minds and souls we have touched with our creation.

I seriously doubt that someone else will have the skill, the imagination, the will, the passion to work months after months and to came up with something AT LEAST similar to Episode 3.

For all the reasons above ( and a few other more personal), the AQFH series for Fallout 3 is ended, all support is suspended, Episode 3 DLC “Codename Icarus” and WIP “The Iron Dream” are both canceled.

IF it will be A Fallout 4, who knows, maybe the story of Gabriel Darvari and the Wonderboy will continue…

Until then… I continue working with U4 engine at AQFH – Nightfall.

Best wishes to all

Return to Heaven – The Infamy

The Infamy… that’s the only way how it should be named what the Nexus “community”did this days.

From a protest against the announcement made by Valve\Bethesda about paid mods, the Nexus “community” was sweeped by a tidal wave of irrational rage, hate and intolerance directed towards ALL the modders.

The beginning:


The aftermath…

Modders was described as”spoiled”brats”, “greedy”, “piggy-backers” and even “ungrateful ( !!! )”, every modder raising his voice against this wave of mud was INSTANTLY covered in comments ranging from sarcastic discontempt  like ” whatever, is not much about your work so piss off ” or ” you won’t be regretted” to comments more personal like ” say hi to Devil when you go to Hell” or “see you dead you m**** f****”.

This … mob is having the impression that is entitled to free mods, to put a gag in modders mouth.

” Gimme your work and shut the f*** up, you greedy spoiled brat”… basically that was the idea of the whole Nexus community, no matter the fancy arguments.

You could compare the way how this subject was discussed here:


or here


With the way how the entire modding community was trashed by some lowlife nobody dictators with big mouths full of… lies ( what you believed ?!… ).


What you will read there ( if you are interested in the future of modding of course… and your guts are strong enough ) is beyond any rational behaviour of a human being.

A mob, explaining to MODDERS what MODDING is or even better, how and what it should be.

A mob “knowing” better than MODDERS how a mod is created and build.

A mob using in fact a dirty smoke screen of more or less fancy words to hide their deepest concern… they are entitled to the free mods no matter what… example this comment from the twisted mind of a Nexus USER :

“When a user clicks the ENDORSE button, they are endorsing the mod, not the mod author”… his out of his mind or not?!

As far as endorsements go, well they are a kind of thumbs up to other users looking for a mod. They are not a thank you to the modder, they are not some kind of pseudo payment.

All it does is say “I think other people will like this” and by creating a classement could give an idea how good is that mod, again, from the users point of view, but in any terms, you could not dissociate the author from his mod.

Now the magic word in everyone mouth is “DONATION “… where was Nexus at the right momment to sustain the modders?

NOW they implement the donate button ( and another proof that they don’t REALLY care is where they put that button… on the DOWNLOAD reminder!!!… who the Hell will pay upfront before trying the mod?)… I would be curious how long will last this trend, since people are not willing even to click the endorse button… 🙂

But I should no wonder about Nexus, since they was listed as Service Provider in those days.

The champion of free modding was covertly adding some cash… disgusting but understandable from someone like Robin aka DarkOne.

Instead of cutting the evil from the very roots, he tolerated this unholy crusade against modders, not EVEN one of the vitriolic and aggressive user was banned for the filth they thrown on modders, for trashing, bashing, flaming all the modders as a whole… Modpocalyse.

To be very clear understand here, I’m NOT defending the pay mod system, I’m defending the right to FREE opinion, FREE act and FREE will.

How strange is life… in my last post I  was about to talk about community and now the “community ” revealed his true nightmarish face, a face twisted by discontempt, hate and intolerance.

The people feeling entitled to other peoples work and entitled to dictating the choices that others make is what caused this rift.

True respect is allowing others to make decisions for themselves, even if you disagree with those decisions.

This means that the modders, and those willing to purchase their mods, should be allowed to sale and purchase clearly owned mods for whatever price they agree upon.

You don’t get to dictate to modders what the appropriate price for their mod is, what an appropriate amount of recompense for selling their mod is, or how much the purchaser gets to pay, while claiming you have any respect for the individuals involved in the voluntary transaction.

People have the right to sale whatever they clearly, CLEARLY own, for whatever amount they wish, to whomever agrees to purchase it.

You have not moral, ethical, or legal right to interfere in this voluntary exchange.

That’s WHY I decided to delete all the files from Nexus, because I don’t want that the name AQFH to be associated with the Nexus realm of intolerance and hypocrisy..

I also deleted all the files from my computer related to Fallout 3 ( Codename Icarus and AQFH 4 ), no more future AQFH episodes for haters.

Instead I decided to focus on Unreal 4 game engine, who is entirely FREE !!!, just take a look here:


Smart and extraordinary move from Epic… they WILL have a lot of talented developers ( read: modders and teams of modders ) to choose from, more than they could EVER afford to pay.

So… if anyone is willing to embark into a new adventure, now is the time.

A Quest for Heaven – Nightfall ( WIP name ) is beginning his journey, maybe YOU could stand beside ME and create TOGETHER something wonderful.

Return to Heaven – Chapter two

Zealot (from Greek ζηλωτήςzelotes, “emulator, zealous admirer or follower”)

Nexus (fromLatin nexus (the act of binding together; bond), from nectō (bind)

nexus – It’s a private property owned by the DorkOne, and he has the right to do whatever he wants with you, he owns you… 🙂

Today I will speak about zealots and their masters.

Maybe initial it was a good intention… maybe initial it was enthusiasm… maybe.

We will never know, what is certain is that the owner of the so called nexus of modding changed all into something evil and despicable.

The hungry for money and power turn a good initiative into the opposite, tearing apart the “community”.

He surrounded himself with people of the same low extraction and begin to… harass the very ones who sustained and make it possible with their work the sites, modders and fans… arrogance, discontempt, this are the common basis for daily “moderator” work.

Let’s take a look at this mad circus… and I will begin from the bottom of the “food chain”…

Micalov – staff member

The lowest bully, it’s used as an enforcer of the lowest quality. He love to lure people into traps and ban them after that.

You could be banned by this “muscle” if you disagree with him, if you ask questions ( for example a poor guy ask if he could use mods on console… it was banned for “PIRACY” ! ).

He love the mockery and verbal abuse towards most common problems asked by people.

Main weapons – misleading, lies and arrogance, all augmented with the most suburban way of speaking.

Thandal – staff member

This guy is the mad dog of the Nexus, in a contest of the craziest people from nexus this guy will win with no opponents.

Basically take everything that is wrong in a modern day government and stuff it into this guy’s online entity.

He has zero common sense and has finger on the ban trigger 24/7. Step out of line just a millimeter and your virtual brain will be splattered across the wall. And even if you don’t step out of line, be prepared to face the belittling of a lifetime via private messages ( one person was banned for deleting his save folder in the MyGames directory…He called them a pirate !!!).

Main weapons – Fights dirty and he loves it, also he accuse without the smallest proof or evidence.

Of course they are some others ( MotoScorpion, LadyMilla, Millenia… ) but they are not worthy to be mentioned compared to the above “giants”, all that they have in common is the same arrogance and elitism towards… everyone.

Now let’s go up the chain food… more surprises await us, now we will will deal with the top predators…

Vagrant0 – moderator

His sarcasm and snide remarks are aggravating and purposely made to stir people up. Too bad the concept of “trolling” doesn’t apply to the moderators… because it would, this guy will win the cup of “Master Troll”.

He sticks around the forums so you can easily avoid him. Same with buddah, who is equally as pretentious and self-centered.

The Vampire Dante – moderator

This one is from another extraction… smart, sometimes benevolent and with some artistic talent but…

But has no spine, obey to his dark master orders, deleting files, modifying accounts and even threatening people, all in the same line with the others but with a more “intellectual “approach… he managed to fool a lot of people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

And at the top of the food chain… who else than the Dark master.

Who troll all the possible sites to hunt down all the possible opponents of his “private property”, a guy who had no problems in naming assholes those who use addblockers, a guy who’s promoting in an aggressive way a mod manager who needs administrative rights ( !!! ) to access your PC, to access YOUR local data, ANY of your local data… ( you should also expect your IP and UserAgent to be visible through ExtremeTracking… what a hell, it’s a private property)

And below this horde of elitist and arrogant people are the zealots, you know them, those who jump to defend the moderators rule, splattering all over the forums with their arguments taken directly from mods mouth… literally.

One the best example is a black kitty… no creativity, no talent, nothing but…

But “she” know everything about everything and more important, “she’s” in the line.

And like this kat are many more others, ready to trash you for a bit of attention from the Dark Horde. One of the most disappointed moment for me was when a person who I was respecting jumped on my throat accusing me of stealing and dishonoring the memory of Firelady… disgusting… ( later when that person knew the real truth not the one fabricated by the Horde apologize… but it was too late).

And one more thing… they have also something in common… 🙂

Almost all of them tried to create something and guess what?!…they failed… what a damn hilarious fate, to be a moderator and your mods to be ignored… rofl… (“Almost”meaning that one very talented person get lost inside this Horde and I must mention him, for his human and artistic qualities – LHammonds.)

But enough with the Dark Horde… they have a Dark master as a ruler and they will fade away into the darkness and oblivion they belong.

They tried to expand to other popular games but they failed… once you trash your public image is hard to fix it.

They failed to create and maintain a community and the payback could be seen from here…

But more about the “community”, about the arrogance and obedience, in the next chapter.


Until we meet again, what could be the link between “A Quest for Heaven – The Iron Dream” and the game engine Unreal 4 ?…

Have a nice day 🙂