About quests and adventures…

Since I was told lately that I’m too silent about my work, I will fix for the moment this issue.

I have three mods on workbench :

  • The first is for Fallout 3, working title “On the shore of forever”, marking the beginning of a new saga, “The Iron Dream “. It will use some elements from AQFH lore but it will have a stand alone story and also stand alone side stories. The story of the Iron Dream will focus on the Majestic organisation, his goals and… well you don’t expect to know everything from the beginning, don’t you… :).
  • The second is for Fallout: New Vegas, working title ” Twilight”, will continue the story from the first one, adding a new vision about the Majestic organisation.
  • The third will be for Fallout 4, working title “Nightfall “. It will be a conclusion for the Iron Dream saga AND for AQFH… not willing to spoil too much the surprise…

It is a daunting task, but since I have now a lot of spare time ahead, I hope it will be completed. Since lately the overall quality of quest and adventure mods for Fallout lore is pretty low, I hope that this announcement will bring some joy for all of you who have enjoyed the adventures of AQFH.

The only thing I could guarantee is this: this new saga will have the same high quality standards of AQFH series.

Excellent level design, immersive atmosphere, excellent sound tracks, but above all… a gripping story.

The first teaser trailer for “The Iron Dream: On the shore of forever” is scheduled for 1 July 2017 and the approximative ( if all goes well ) release date for the first episode of TID is 1 September 2017.

Best wishes all



12 thoughts on “About quests and adventures…

  1. Whoa! That’s great news!
    I can’t properly convey with my words how happy I am that you’ve managed to put behind you all this (relatively) recent nexus mess to return back to thing that brings happiness to thousands of people around the world.
    Your mods.
    Like, seriously. Even the process of translating AQFH3 was immensly enjoyable to me, let alone playing it.
    And there are more than 2000 people who have downloaded this little translation of mine. All of them, I’m sure, have the same feelings towards your works.
    (Heck, I’m fairly sure that it’s you and your works that are partially to blame that I’m now studying in an univercity to eventualy become an english teacher!)
    What I want to say…
    Plase, please, please, for the love of god, don’t stop.
    Your mods, your quests, all these locations and incredible adventures… There ARE people craving for them.
    No matter how outdated the engine or the game is, there always will be people playing it. And if there’s anything that will bring some people back to playing F3… It’s your mods.
    Take as long as necessary. We’ve been there since AQFH1, we can wait.

    And also, I’m sure as heck going to beg for permission to translate it when it comes out.



  2. Best news I’ve heard in a long time!
    Ever since I read about your decision to stop developing AQFH series, and I must say words can’t convey how sad day it was for me, I’ve been hoping that you might find interest in finishing this great series. Looks like my prayers have finally been answered. Its such good thing to hear that you’ve once again found your interest in creating these vast and massive adventures. I’ll be looking forward to any other information you might have to share during the course of the project. 🙂

    Now, I think it might be just about time for my annual visit to AQFH universe and play through every episode from beginning to the end, like I’ve been doing yearly ever since I first discovered this diamond in the sky. Even though I feel this adventure didn’t receive the attention it deserved, I still truly believe it to be the best adventure series ever developed for fallout universe. Keep up the great work.



  3. I tried to Help Firelady with heaven 3 but She passed away and never heard from her again. But then I DL heaven 3 and there were all the parts I had helped her with in the story line, but I didn’t see nor did I even get mentioned in the credits. I am not looking for credit and I hope that where ever in Heaven she is… That GOD has smiled upon her and she finds eternal Peace.


    • As I have saying from the beginning, I will gladly add to the credits list the people who I was unintentionally not mentioned.
      Due to the rather odd way I was putt together the pieces of AQFH 3 I was unaware of all the people who was helping Firelady.
      Thank you 23e45 for bringing this to my attention, I will modify the credits list as soon as possible.


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