On the shore of Forever

Hello everyone who read this blog !

I will postpone for now the third chapter from “Smoke and mirrors” for more important and exciting news.

For those who believe that they are the champions of modding community the real life served them with a huge surprise.

In a ( not so for me… 🙂 ) surprising move, ModDB announced the acquire of…( keep your breath ) … the acquire of GameFront !!!

With this bold move, ModDB will be in the near future the best modding hub, and not for ONE game or franchise, but instead for HUNDREDS of games !


Now became more clear for those who are used to think the difference between a small time business and REAL business, between passion, dedication, respect for people and some shady ( PS ) operation meant to trick honest but gullible people to drain money.

Because ModDB is not ONLY a hub to download mods is also a platform for indie games, for independent game developers and for mods authors or team of modders, a serious site who connect people with same interests and passions.

And now the topic became even more interesting since the same “champions”of modding, under the umbrella of “we are the Saviors of mods”, have DRAINED ( you should read STEALED  … mea culpa !) hundreds of mods, with no MORAL or LEGAL rights.

Those mods or total conversion were uploaded to GameFront for a reason, not to be STOLEN for PROFIT by a controversial site and owner…. do you REALLY think that they downloaded HUNDREDS or maybe THOUSANDS of mods from GameFront only because they are “the good guys” ?!… no, they STOLE those mods to enlarge a  database containing MAINLY mods for ONE franchise… Fallout, from one publisher… Bethesda.

Have you not guessed already who’s the owner and the site?!… read the PS :).

It will be more than interesting to watch how this events will evolve.

On another note, speaking about Bethesda… here is an example of how other companies could deal the relation with a modding community.

This surprise is from Paradox Interactive who is making available a  downloadable content for Cities: Skylines to feature creations from one of the game’s talented modders !!!



So it is possible for a company to value his modding community AND support their creation by opening the access to a legal income! And all of that without the hysterical atmosphere that could be found on other family of sites ( PS )… and so called community… ( Read PS 🙂 )!

You could ask yourself WHY Bethesda could not do the same ?!… well, you should read this instead and maybe you will understand the difference.

I remember the wave of rage and insults from the so called “community” who literally determined a lot of talented modders or team of modders to leave THAT site ( PS ) and THAT ( PS ) community and to migrate to other ( more ) civilised sites and people.

But let’s leave for now this topic and move on to something else…

I was playing for some time, for my pleasure ( and to keep my mind sharp :] ), with the GECK… yes, THAT GECK… for Fallout 3.

And I realized that those beautiful levels and landscapes begin to have something in common and I said to myself : “Why not? ”

In the last months I received a lot of questions about new content for the AQFH saga and for future plans…

The “Scorched Earth ” saga, meaning AQFH is indeed a closed chapter, but why not continue with a new story ? A story involving the dreadful Majestic organisation, or an ancient and almost forgotten mystery and a battle for a better future ?!… all in the atmosphere of Fallout 3… having AQFH as a background story.

SO… I will do my best to begin a new saga, “The Iron Dream“, bringing together the unpublished content from “Codename Icarus”, from the beginning levels of AQFH 4 and the new content, for a first episode, with a WIP name “On the shore of Forever” and I must say… judging only by the content build so far, the first episode from “The Iron Dream” will dwarf even the massive AQFH 3 !

But since it’s always room for better, ANYONE with skills in modeling, texturing, rigging, scripting or voice acting is welcome onboard !… ANYONE who love the atmosphere of FO3.

Just imagine… “Deep Blue” … bigger, better and more beautiful!

That’s all folks… have a nice day !







PS. 🙂 Have not guessed already?!… It’s about my old friends, the dark gang from nexus family of sites!





11 thoughts on “On the shore of Forever

    • Your right Slip, but FO3 ( eventually with ENB) is still a more atmospheric game than FO 4, as you have seen in AQFH 3 a lot of good things could be done with that old engine, despite his limitations.
      “The Iron Dream” is more about a story and adventure, not necessarily about the video performance.
      And beside that… I’m REALLY disappointed by the FO4 and at this moment I don’t see any reason to create a mod for it, even Beth have release some weird DLC, more like toys for childrens than real content, in terms of additional stories.

      Liked by 1 person

      • well, same shit about fo4) *waiting for some good global quest mode*
        but maybe fnv’ll be a bit better? at least it has no problems with 64-bit systems) fo3, for example, kept constantly crashing after smth like 15-20 min of playing on my desktop for quite a long. dont remember, how i fixed it, though)
        ps: still dunno, if it’s possible to run fo3 on win8-win10 at all, have 7 x64 myself.


  1. I read that you’re disappointed with Fallout 4, and rightly so, but will you consider making any content for it? The Sole Survivor being pre war military could tie in with the story for AQFH


  2. When I read your making something new a shiver ran up my spine. I love your work and can’t wait to see what you create. You sir are an artist when it comes to these mods.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AC can you give us some information about you and new mod ? It s been a long time and you are still silent . What happend bro ? Are you all right ?


    • Hi GD

      Sry for this late reply, but my life is quite full right now, I could say I;m too busy doing too many things but…
      Regarding your question I could now give you an answer witch I will enlarge in a new article.
      I’m working on 3 new mods, grouped under the name “The Iron Dream ” saga.
      First mod will take place in the Fallout 3 , the next one in Fallout: New Vegas and the last one in Fallout 4.
      It’s a huge task I admit, but with a bit of luck it could be accomplished.
      Have a nice day !


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