Smoke and mirrors-Episode 2

One of the most true saying is this : Time is the enemy of all.

And only the time will tell us what will be the direction where the modding is heading, since a lot of things happened since my last post.

I will begin with the Fallout scene, since I’m too close to this domain.

From the previous post, those who read it, maybe have understand that the Fallout 4 release is more like a forced mix between several game genres and that is something not so many are happy with.

Beginning with the complete trash of the original Fallout lore, with embarrassing main story problems and the lack of some really interesting side stories, the lack of support for various video modes and finally with even more embarrassing “borrow” of ideas.

For the last affirmation I suggest you to read the article from the link below:

Since Beth is legally the owner of ALL your creation made with GECK or CK, is no wonder that something like the author wrote in that article is happening, is almost typical for Bethesda way of acting towards the modding scene ( in a somehow dark sense of humor, they had a genius movement with the release of the editors since they have at disposal an endless source of free ideas).

And speaking of Beth way of acting… since they announced the support for console modding, a wave of discussions swepped across the Internet and, as usual, find the most violent and insulting manifestation on Nexus. Guess who was acting like a champion of modding ( again?!) but in the same time pitching strongly the idea of being the sole handler of mods ?…

Well… guess again… no? …no idea?!

Who else than the guy who is hunting down the opponents of his site all over the Internet… still no guess?… is the same guy who under the mask of recovering mods from the deceased Filefront is STEALING in a massive way thousands of mods?

Because what the Dark Gang are doing “under the radar ” is named in any country with some kind of civil and penal laws – STEALING!!! Because no matter how many fancy words you throw on us boy, those people uploaded the result of their minds on Filefront with A REASON and I’m pretty sure that in none of those reasons was Nexus.

Well boys and girls… if you have not guessed already…it’s the same despicable character, Robin Scott aka DarkOne ( and the gang).

For your curiosity read the article from the link below, if you have enough patience, since the guy is not able to say something in a few sentences:

In a few words, Robin desire is to be Bethesda handler for modding, involving the Fallout franchise ( just wait to read how describe the moderators team and their non-stop awarness for the good of the Nexus family of sites… and for free!!!, how smart and alert are they and how well they handle the relation with public ;)…).

Robin… Robin… Greed is clouding your mind.

Why Bethesda, who is the legal owner of the Fallout franchise ( in every possible ways), will pass to you a serious chunk of money?!…, meaning the distribution of mods for PC AND consoles?

Since ANYONE could download a mod from Nexus, rename it and after that upload to at Consoles area ( and this kind of stealing has already happend!!!) what modder wil be tempted to create something that could be take be some jerk so easily and uploaded under another name?

For this situation the only to blame are Bethesda and Nexus, both of them acting in his own way but with the same goal – money.

I’m in contact for long time with some of the best modders and modding teams and the sad truth is that most of those good people are simply disgusted and angered by the situation created by Bethesda AND nexus. My impression is that is possible not to see in the near future quality mods, especially quests mods.

And let’s be honest… why should spend someone months or even years to create a great quest mod, only to discover that his mods could be stolen and nobody from Bethesda or nexus will do something?!

Yes,you could find a LOT of retex ( and retex of retex and so on…), a lot of variations of the existing models of armors and guns… hats and swords… just that ( although I should mention one of the most talented armor modders who still upload to Nexus but I guess mentioning his name will do more harm than good).

Other than that, a lot of low quality ( better saying bad jokes) quests but with authors acting like prima donnas, settlements over settlements, tattoos and tons of pathetic weapons… hats and swords.

And all of that because Robin Scott aka DarkOne is trying so hard to promote the idea that his the ONLY one able to “support”modding…

Just a few links, to see what kind of liar is robin and his gang of zealots…

From the Russian scene:

The Russian scene is one of the largest in the world, not only for Fallout but for many other games, especially for the enduring franchise named STALKER.

Speaking of witch… modding for STALKER is damn complicated and still the Russian modders have created Mega mods, who completely change the feeling, the game play and even the story of STALKER, you should give it a try, you won’t regret.

World wide scene: ( one of the most hated by DarkOne aka Robert Scott…:))

As you can see there are a lot of sites and this are just a few selected…

Hoping that I have not bothered too much, we will meet again in Episode 3, where one of the topics will be about something really interesting…financial reports.

Who’s financial reports?!… Guess from one try!  🙂

Have a nice day!





2 thoughts on “Smoke and mirrors-Episode 2

  1. Just one question – do you still wanna continue aqfh story? The engine doesn’t matter)
    Have just finished my 3rd or smth walkthrough, and f*ck, I want more of it) the best mod serie I’ve ever seen)


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