Smoke and mirrors-Episode 1

Real life is more and more demanding on me but still I got some time for some thoughts about Fallout 4 and some other stuff.

This is about Fallout 4, about mods and future plans for a new saga.

First of all, after the release of FO4, I was amazed by the level of… unfinished feeling of this game. From the lack of support for more video modes to game breaking flaws, from quests hilarious faults to the general feeling of… simplification.

They literally took ALL the good ideas from the modding scene, mixed with the NV and Skyrim mechanics, COMPLETELY dumped the Fallout lore to the trash ( btw, where are now the LORE nazis?!…lol) and the final result it’s some kind of skyrimfication of the Fallout lore.

Just a few examples…

The Power Armor was supposed to turn a soldier into a walking tank, even better than a tank! The Power Armor was powered by a Micro Fusion Pack, supposed to last for more than 100 years. The fear factor was so great that some soldiers captured entire units!!! And what we find in FO4 Bethesda Edition ?!… Some kind of armor, who could be destroyed easily by some low life punks, with some kind of low quality guns ( !!!) and even worse, with a power source lasting for a few days! It has an INCREDIBLE low armor rate, practically after every battle you must repair your armor. And even more fun… a PAINT is changing your armor stats!!!

Guns!!! …Oh God! When I first took an assault ( !!!) rile was something like :”WTF is this?! A WW 1 machine gun prototype?! “… the battle rifle is almost similar with the shotgun?!.. and the peek of the Beth game designers imagination … THE PIPE GUNS!!! Who the Hell will make a gun from a pipe or in other words HOW could someone expect some kind of accuracy firing with a bore pipe?! Of course they are also… ugly.

The resources system… crap! You should have a trailer attached to your awesome armor to carry what you could find and scrap! You loose a lot of time deciding what you dump and what you carry, what you scrap or what you keep. Hilarious… the most valuable resource is the … glue! Maybe in Beth game designers imagination you could patch a gun with glue and the whole will work…ROFL.

Game immersion…what a joke!!! You could level up for ever and when you will have ALL the perks, and you will have it all, you will discover that you have no more enemies to count, killing something being a routine matter.

Dialogue and story… what story?! Chatting, small talks with intention of deep thoughts, melodramatic and unrealistic in some points ( see lost child dialogues )… I almost forget what Beth believed to be the hype, the same gender “love stories” …rofl…what a pathetic attempt to compete with other great games ( see Mass Effect genial and credible approach of this subject).

The general feeling is that they tried to pack together  different ideas and game modes to give to customers some kind of swiss army knife type game, to please the “hunters”and the “gatherers” all together!

It’s not a bad game, it’s a bad Fallout franchise game! It has some great places and moments but they are lost in a sea of simplification… but the fanboys eat it up with pleasure.

We have already a plethora of fanboys in extaz!!!

But more about so called DLC, about the TONS of retexturing ( and retexturing of retexturing) mods, weapons and armors retexturing mods and some very hilarious quest mods ( but with authors acting like they have created the Big Bang theory) and more other subjects in the next episodes.



7 thoughts on “Smoke and mirrors-Episode 1

  1. “… but the fanboys eat it up with pleasure.
    We have already a plethora of fanboys in extaz!!!”

    And maybe some folks simply play, and enjoy the playground they got, for new stories and adventures and amors, instead of telling other guys being dumb for not complaining.


    • First of all it’s just MY opinion towards a paid product, you could agree or disagree, I have not telling anyone being dumb for not complaining.
      Here it’s about being critical toward a paid product who, in my opinion, don’t reach my expected level of quality. If your level of necessary quality is different than mine is not my problem. Enjoy the game and have a nice day.


  2. I took a long break from Fallout 3, and AQFH is what always stays in my memory when it comes to what mods I want to put back in the game.

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I was wondering if you’d be so kind to answer a couple of questions:

    What would have been the story if you had continued on with Project Icarus and Iron Dream? The story of the series is undoubtedly one of the greatest created, and easily rivals that of some of the best ones told by the biggest major releases out there. Or is that being kept under wraps for some reason?

    Does this series have any possibility of a future in Fallout 4? (Sorry if I missed it in your posts, I went through it as much as I could).

    How did the idea of what seems to be a different dimension or realm come about to be used in Part 3? I remember thinking it was quite a turn of events for the storyline.

    But above all, thank you for your work in creating some of the best mods of all time (and excellent music selection to boot!)


    • Hi Dane

      I check regularly this blog and ModDB to watch over Firelady and mine legacy… fancy words maybe but we have invested a lot of time and soul in this creations.
      You ask me about the story of Iron Dream and Codename Icarus… well, it would be like telling you the plot of a movie, it will ruin the excitement and surprise of the movie for you.

      First of all, I do really intend to start a new saga in FO4 named… The Iron Dream, with the first episode having the WIP title Codename Nightfall.

      The sequel of AQFH but in another environment.
      In the final moments of AQFH Ep 3 one of the characters is saying to PC:
      >> Now they know about you and your intentions <<…
      Majestic will be back, since they have achieved the virtual immortality transferring their minds in robotic bodies ( seems awful familiar with an episode from FO4 !? o:)) and all what they need is the time control to have the ultimate power, the power to shape reality. So expect adventures, space travels ( again, this time to the Moon), fights and plot twists all in a not for children story… and of course with a mind blowing music background. And as a small spoiler, the Prometheus ship was not the first… it was the second.

      Believe me or not, the idea of the Multiverse was in it from the beginning of the saga but was to difficult to implement in the first two episodes and besides, the player had to be " prepared " for the twist from Episode 3.
      Even the lore of Fallout franchise is located in an alternate universe, who split from our time line somewhere between 1945 – 1950.

      Although I'm not so content with what they have done with FO4 in terms of lore, gameplay and story, I will try to continue the story of AQFH with a story ( like one of the users from ModDB said ) cruel but with a strong line of hope and believe in a better future.

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      • Thanks for replying! I meant to check back SO much sooner than over a month later, I apologize for that. I was watching Netflix’s Stranger Things, and the used one of the same soundtracks (starts at 4:30 or so from Explore_Heaven00; which if you know the name of, I’d be grateful) and it jogged the memory to come back and visit.

        I’m really glad to see that you have plans for the future of the saga moving on into FO4. Is there somewhere that you’re posting updates or plans on it, or should I just check back here every now and then? Knowing that something as deep as the AQFH saga in FO4 would make up for the lack of lore and story that they shipped the base game with.

        I know I speak for a lot of people when I say we’re all really looking forward to seeing continuity! I’ll be browsing around for both Nightfall and The Iron Dream! Cheers and thanks again!


  3. Andromedacrescent, I can’t tell you how happy I am to learn that you plan to make a sequel to AQFH; I got Fo3 on steam in 2012 and downloaded AQFH on modDB but I never actually played the mod until 2015 when I redownloaded fo3.

    How can I say? I was totally amazed by the quality of the story and the atmosphere of the world (my favourite part was to try to find all the logs in every episodes from the survivors and to learn their tragic fate, most precisely in the Daedalus); after that I looked at the messages you posted on your blog and modDB and felt ashamed about not having played, endorsed and supported the mod back then…..

    Anyways, the sequel is a wonderful new and I wish you the best of luck for it!

    On a different note, yeah I totally agree, Fo4 seems like a strange mix of many games with unfinished lore and weird dialogues…..


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