Nexus – Aftermath

A gang of amateurs driven by elitism, discontempt and lust for power… in a word ” Nexus family of sites “.

I will keep my comments to the minimum because this time I will reproduce the comment of an user, a modder, I will not reveal his nickname for obvious reasons.


Piracy is not a ” revolution ” against the system, it is people who cannot/will not pay for other peoples hard work, yet consider themselves entitled to it for free. It is theft, illegal, immoral, disrespectful and rude and selfish. It boils down to people just don’t want to pay…. so they steal.

No, the introduced pay mods scheme was not ” violently “done. The only violent thing that went on was the disgusting violence and abuse against not only the companies, but also the individual modders involved. There is no justification ever for demanding on mass that people “commit suicide” or threatening to track them down, kill them and their family and rape their corpse.

No justification for the most vile abuse and hatred, and also finding and releasing peoples personal information online so that the abuse could be taken further then the internet.

No justification EVER for that and no excuse period.

No one ‘forced’ the community to do anything, it was always an offered option to buy or sell mods. You couldn’t take mods down and resell them, Steam forbid that, free mods were not going anywhere. Only new mods or updated mods could be sold. People were entitled to disagree with paid for mods, but the backlash was unwarranted, incredibly unreasonable and not even done by the majority of the TES community at all. The majority of the upheaval and abuse was thrown by users from various websites that don’t give a damn about mods or TES, they incite riot of the ‘lulz’.

Yes communication could have been better, but really I don’t think that would have actually made any difference at all. People were out for riot because they just don’t want to pay. What should have happened was a far more calm, mature and less offensive approach to disagreeing with the situation if indeed the majority of the community did disagree.

No the customer is not always right. I worked over ten years in customer service and you learn that you cannot please everyone, it is impossible. Many dissatisfied customers are completely unreasonable. But the point is that those trolls that hurled abuse and crap were never customers and were never going to be customers, ever. We gain nothing from those people downloading our mods, except frequently abuse, so really their opinion actually means nothing.

The only social damage done to this community is the very clear and plain message sent out to modders about exactly how much value the public actually puts on modders and mods, the learning and knowledge required to mod as well as the hundreds, often thousands of hours of hard work that goes into making mods. When push came to shove and users were asked to give something beyond the odd endorsement and nice comment in order to get a mod ….the majority flat out didn’t want to, many to the point of making death threats. But they all still happily consume all our work, often without so much as a thank you.

Add to that the point when it became not only okay but encouraged and applauded to pirate our mods.( For example one user going by the name Vesuvius was claiming that mods were uploaded to pirate torrents MINUTES after were uploaded to Steam… how he knew that?!… unless… )

This community has ALWAYS stood against piracy and rallied and fought to protect our modders rights regarding their hard work for the ten years I have been here. This is where the community let it’s own down the hardest, not just the public, other modders who felt free to condone theft of mods, yet stood up expecting us all to rally and protect their free mods in the recent 450 mods theft by some russian guy. Trust has been lost and it is not Steam or Bethesda’s fault or pay for mods fault. It was the unnecessary, disgusting behavior exhibited by a large portion of this community, sorry but that is just a fact.

I have no doubt that what will come out of this and I know for a fact already has, is that modders have left, modders have got the ‘message’ and are now just distributing mods to friends. This whole thing was a slap it the face, kick in the balls and punch in the gut of people who have given so freely of their time, knowledge and hard work for years, by not only the public but also other modders. I am disgusted, revolted and angry.

Now that the trolls have moved onto the next shiny thing the real TES community is finally coming out of hiding. Those that do support and appreciate the value of someone else’s time and effort. Those that tried to speak up but were subjected to disgusting abuse. The part of the community that is actually reasonable and even if they disagree would never resort to prepubescent temper tantrums.

There and I told myself that I would not get involved in any of these discussions. I guess I am still angry and hurt by what was a shocking display of entitlement and violence. I will not be reading or replying to this thread further, I have had enough of peoples ‘opinions’ to last me a life time and I see no reason to have to ‘defend’ myself even more. I don’t mean to offend anyone and never did. I am trying to focus on the kind words that many have sent me because after ten years as part of this community I don’t want to leave or feel that I cannot still release my work….but sometimes it is hard, I won’t deny that.

In fact, the Nexus “staff” did NOTHING to stop this wave of hate and violence… a disgusting attitude from a disgusting gang, lead by a disgusting man.

An operation to grab a lot of money from honest but gullible people, offering only goodies like NMM, a piece of ” software” full of security holes and suspicious behaviour… harassing moderators, nazi admins who ban people based on Personal Messages and so on.

Farewell Nexus… R.I.P.

Best wishes to all


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