Farewell Fallout 3

The “Scorched Earth Saga”, meaning AQFH saga for Fallout 3 has ended.

For several reasons.

First of all, the outdated game engine of Fallout 3.

In my humble opinion, with AQFH 3 – Deep Blue it was reached the maximum potential for visual, audio and gameplay for a quest and adventure mod, using the Fallout 3 engine.

One of the “trademark”of the AQFH series was established first by Firelady and it was the original and impressive visual appearance. This trademark was maintained during all the episodes, improved and enlarged leading to the impressive Deep Blue.

ALL the levels of AQFH series was created from scratch, no copy/paste like so many have done during the time, most of the levels are at least to say large and detailed.

Another trademark of the AQFH series was the sound track… almost every level or situation has his unique music.

Also the ingame sounds, it was also a first, introduced by Firelady in Episode 1 and maintained and enriched during episode 2 and 3, creating a very unique and strong atmosphere.

And above all of this, a gripping main story with many other side stories, creating an unique and impressive image of a scorched world, with forgotten mysteries and dangerous secrets.

A second reason why the AQFH series for Fallout 3 has ended was the fact that my real life had changed dramatically, in a good way, my spare time to work to such mod was drastically reduced.

The third reason was… well… the “community” behaviour.

Frankly I get tired and angered at that time by the numerous virulent and offending comments towards me, or mine and Firelady work. Blaming the mod because the users don’t have an updated PC, because we don’t created also a walkthrough ( ?!! ) and so on.

I have not “”inherited” AQFH 3… I have WORKED directly to Episode 2 and managed entirely Episode 3, many of the level design from Episode 2 and almost all from Episode 3 was my work.

I have read comments related to Episode 3 like: “half of the work in Deep Blue was done by others” or “the author has disrespect for customers ( ?!!) “… of course where else, at Nexus…

A user on Mod DB, said that it would donate if this is the only condition to play more “updates” for AQFH… it wont be the case, AQFH WAS and IS totally free, nor Firelady or me have requested something for our “baby”…( beside I simply don’t believe in the “donation” system, since most of the users don’t even bother to vote… I have received 1 (ONE) donation after Episode 3 was released and it was from a friend !, after more than 3k downloads).

An other issue I want to address here… I DO have a problem to allow someone else to continue this saga and I want to make it very clearly here, I wont allow to anyone to use the AQFH name, story or any related topics without my written consent.

First of all, for quality reasons, the AQFH series was the ONLY series who was evolving from good to great, with every episode the quality bar was raised higher and higher. Players from ALL over the world have enjoyed this adventure, from Europe to America, from Asia to Australia. It was a great honor for Firelady and me to see how many minds and souls we have touched with our creation.

I seriously doubt that someone else will have the skill, the imagination, the will, the passion to work months after months and to came up with something AT LEAST similar to Episode 3.

For all the reasons above ( and a few other more personal), the AQFH series for Fallout 3 is ended, all support is suspended, Episode 3 DLC “Codename Icarus” and WIP “The Iron Dream” are both canceled.

IF it will be A Fallout 4, who knows, maybe the story of Gabriel Darvari and the Wonderboy will continue…

Until then… I continue working with U4 engine at AQFH – Nightfall.

Best wishes to all


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