Return to Heaven – The Infamy

The Infamy… that’s the only way how it should be named what the Nexus “community”did this days.

From a protest against the announcement made by Valve\Bethesda about paid mods, the Nexus “community” was sweeped by a tidal wave of irrational rage, hate and intolerance directed towards ALL the modders.

The beginning:

The aftermath…

Modders was described as”spoiled”brats”, “greedy”, “piggy-backers” and even “ungrateful ( !!! )”, every modder raising his voice against this wave of mud was INSTANTLY covered in comments ranging from sarcastic discontempt  like ” whatever, is not much about your work so piss off ” or ” you won’t be regretted” to comments more personal like ” say hi to Devil when you go to Hell” or “see you dead you m**** f****”.

This … mob is having the impression that is entitled to free mods, to put a gag in modders mouth.

” Gimme your work and shut the f*** up, you greedy spoiled brat”… basically that was the idea of the whole Nexus community, no matter the fancy arguments.

You could compare the way how this subject was discussed here:

or here

With the way how the entire modding community was trashed by some lowlife nobody dictators with big mouths full of… lies ( what you believed ?!… ).

What you will read there ( if you are interested in the future of modding of course… and your guts are strong enough ) is beyond any rational behaviour of a human being.

A mob, explaining to MODDERS what MODDING is or even better, how and what it should be.

A mob “knowing” better than MODDERS how a mod is created and build.

A mob using in fact a dirty smoke screen of more or less fancy words to hide their deepest concern… they are entitled to the free mods no matter what… example this comment from the twisted mind of a Nexus USER :

“When a user clicks the ENDORSE button, they are endorsing the mod, not the mod author”… his out of his mind or not?!

As far as endorsements go, well they are a kind of thumbs up to other users looking for a mod. They are not a thank you to the modder, they are not some kind of pseudo payment.

All it does is say “I think other people will like this” and by creating a classement could give an idea how good is that mod, again, from the users point of view, but in any terms, you could not dissociate the author from his mod.

Now the magic word in everyone mouth is “DONATION “… where was Nexus at the right momment to sustain the modders?

NOW they implement the donate button ( and another proof that they don’t REALLY care is where they put that button… on the DOWNLOAD reminder!!!… who the Hell will pay upfront before trying the mod?)… I would be curious how long will last this trend, since people are not willing even to click the endorse button… 🙂

But I should no wonder about Nexus, since they was listed as Service Provider in those days.

The champion of free modding was covertly adding some cash… disgusting but understandable from someone like Robin aka DarkOne.

Instead of cutting the evil from the very roots, he tolerated this unholy crusade against modders, not EVEN one of the vitriolic and aggressive user was banned for the filth they thrown on modders, for trashing, bashing, flaming all the modders as a whole… Modpocalyse.

To be very clear understand here, I’m NOT defending the pay mod system, I’m defending the right to FREE opinion, FREE act and FREE will.

How strange is life… in my last post I  was about to talk about community and now the “community ” revealed his true nightmarish face, a face twisted by discontempt, hate and intolerance.

The people feeling entitled to other peoples work and entitled to dictating the choices that others make is what caused this rift.

True respect is allowing others to make decisions for themselves, even if you disagree with those decisions.

This means that the modders, and those willing to purchase their mods, should be allowed to sale and purchase clearly owned mods for whatever price they agree upon.

You don’t get to dictate to modders what the appropriate price for their mod is, what an appropriate amount of recompense for selling their mod is, or how much the purchaser gets to pay, while claiming you have any respect for the individuals involved in the voluntary transaction.

People have the right to sale whatever they clearly, CLEARLY own, for whatever amount they wish, to whomever agrees to purchase it.

You have not moral, ethical, or legal right to interfere in this voluntary exchange.

That’s WHY I decided to delete all the files from Nexus, because I don’t want that the name AQFH to be associated with the Nexus realm of intolerance and hypocrisy..

I also deleted all the files from my computer related to Fallout 3 ( Codename Icarus and AQFH 4 ), no more future AQFH episodes for haters.

Instead I decided to focus on Unreal 4 game engine, who is entirely FREE !!!, just take a look here:

Smart and extraordinary move from Epic… they WILL have a lot of talented developers ( read: modders and teams of modders ) to choose from, more than they could EVER afford to pay.

So… if anyone is willing to embark into a new adventure, now is the time.

A Quest for Heaven – Nightfall ( WIP name ) is beginning his journey, maybe YOU could stand beside ME and create TOGETHER something wonderful.


23 thoughts on “Return to Heaven – The Infamy

  1. Having followed your stuff, and I am a great admirer I want to simply say I am having a hard time following this post.

    Could you explain more???


    • Hi Mr. M… not necessary at all, Blender and all the knowledge about modeling you could apply to another direction, a direction who’s limited only by your imagination… and you have plenty!


  2. It is a shame that the Fallout Nexus crowd rubbed you the wrong way and lead to this. AQFH 3 is a must have for all of my playthroughs but when you have to take a stand against bullshit, so be it. What’s this AQFH Nightfall about then and will you be putting together a team for it?


    • Hi Narmz

      This post is more a stand up against the intolerance and hatred of the “community” towards all the modders, the AQFH 3 case was only one aspect of the problem.
      I guess that for the first time the Nexus modding community was facing the real and ugly face of the users community.

      AQFH – Nightfall ( WIP name) is game who will be developed based on Unreal 4 engine, a game in which the atmosphere, the story and the gameplay will try to create another adventure, like the AQFH for FO3 had.
      It will have however nothing in common with the FO3 franchise… and yes, I’m assembling a team of enthusiastic people to carry out this “adventure”.


      • Hi AC,

        Fallout Nexus aside, it’s good that you haven’t sacked off the AQFH franchise completely. When the time comes to put together a new team I’d like to state my intent on being a part of that team.

        Look forward to future posts about Nightfall, keep it up !


  3. I know that you have ended everything AQFH related. Sad.

    I am having a hard time playing the legacy AQFH3 on the moddb site download. It crashes every time I leave the Shredrick bomb world.

    I probably misspelled that.

    If you want, you can PM me.

    I am going to research your new ‘engine’ and world. If you could let me know where to look for progress on other projects you are working on???



    • Hi blakeh

      In some rare cases, the load order for FO3 could lead to this result.
      Specifically that part was optimized and the return sequence was redesigned to solve and avoid such problems.
      Again my best guess is to try a different load order.
      About the place where the news related to AQFH – Nightfall could be found, basically on ModDB and on a new site under construction right now.
      I will announce when both of them will be ready.


  4. All I can say is …Wow! I have run into some who demand that one provide answers to their problems, and others who think that they are “entitled” to the free content.

    At the very least, mod makers should be allowed to ask for donations, which on the Nexus is taboo, is that correct?

    Unreal 4 engine looks great, I also see that they have a Marketplace where you can purchase models and scenes for your game designs? Very cool. They only charge you 5% when you are ready to distribute your game? that’s not bad at all.


  5. At the very least, mod makers should be allowed to ask for donations, which on the Nexus is taboo, is that correct?

    Unreal 4 engine looks great, I also see that they have a Marketplace where you can purchase models and scenes for your game designs? Very cool. They only charge you 5% when you are ready to distribute your game? that’s not bad at all.


  6. I also view it as a shame that the Nexus community rubbed you the wrong way.

    Though when being bullied it is better to ignore the bullies and let their bullying run off you, like water off a duck’s back. In addition to reporting it and seek unbiased professional advice about how to deal with it.

    I have always loved your A Quest For Heaven 1, 2 & 3 though the third one had a bit of trouble for me during a later battle.

    I’m currently on a limited income (out of work) following an accident several years ago and not having much luck with getting a suitable new one.


    • Hi MrGrym

      Always a pleasure to hear from you.
      Funny thing is that I was not raised my voice against paid mods, it was about the liberty of opinion and the liberty of choice.
      I’m not pro or against the paid mod system, it everyone choice about their work.
      But again the Nexus community failed in every aspect, the very few rational voices where covered under a wave of insults of all kind.
      Don’t be a stranger, since I intent to make a free demo of the AQFH – Nightfall, for all who love a good and exciting adventure.


  7. May I suggest running an anonymous survey or poll to collect data about system specifications (e.g. CPU, Memory, OS, GPU etc)?

    It could prove helpful during the development so that final work can be reasonably specified in system requirements.

    Also bearing in mind the fact that not everyone can afford up to date graphics cards. Though you can’t support every old graphics card.

    Hopefully avoiding the issue which I seemed to regularly have with a sorted and short load order on AFQH 3. When using my old graphics cards (Geforce GTX 560 Ti 1GB GDDR5), was the only one I could afford at the time.

    To be specific the issue I was having was not matter what I did the game would always freeze up when I reached the battle in the large room. Even on low graphics settings and resolution.

    It was likely the overwhelming large amount of resources (for my system) needed during the specific area and/or event.

    My new graphics card however is much better (Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5). There are much better cards than this though but they are significantly more expensive (especially in the United Kingdom).

    Also thanks for your reply to my previous comment.


    • I forgot to mention that my new graphics card was a Christmas present. If hadn’t got it for Christmas it would be certain that I would still be on my old one.

      When you come to the point where you need to package up the product with an installer please drop me a line. I have some options for you to consider later on.


    • I am not trying to disagree or be disagreeable, but I have to point out that there is a point of diminishing return when it comes to GPUs and the Fallout 3 (TES4?) game engine.

      The Fallout 3 engine was designed with “recommended” dual core CPUs, which at the time of the games release(4Q 2008), dual core CPU’s were middle to top end hardware, today they are low end.

      A GeForce GTX 750 Ti GPU (released May 2013) can easily handle the graphics portion of Fallout 3 (models, textures, model animation and physics), it is the CPU and Main memory (game engine, resource allocation, and scripting) that turns out to be the bottleneck.

      The bottleneck can be minimized using the “Tweak Guide” found here:

      If your processor can handle Hyper Threading, or Multi-threading, use the guide to enable it in the INI file, also enable Multi Core processing if you are using a multi core CPU. A second tweak for better performance is using a 4Gb enable program, … see BenWah’s Guide here:

      Not to favor either company, but AMD and Intel processors handle the game differently. Intel uses Hyper Threading and AMD doesn’t, they just add more cores. Start research here:


  8. Not too sure if you’ll read this, but thought I’d give my two cents.

    I myself, have been a big fan of AQFH 1 and 2 and am about to load up 3 on my Fallout 3 and I’m looking forward to playing it. It’s a real shame that you decided to cancel the DLC and 4. I don’t personally agree with your choice. Derpriving many of an amazing series becasue of the actions of the Nexus, which I don’t think represents the majority of the modding community, is wrong. However, that is just my opinion. it is your work and so your perogative and while I don’t agree with your choice, I respect your right to make it.

    I will enjoy playing AQFH 3 and will follow your work with the Unreal engine as a fan, but I will admit, I am a bit dissapointed that I will not be able to enjoy any more AQFH on Fallout.


  9. Okay… I have no idea where else to post it, or how else i can get into touch with you, so…

    … Well, I am a big fan of yours modifications. I played them since very first of AQFH was out… And translated to Russian. I’m incredibly saddened by the fact, that english modding community vent so mad… And that they rubbed you the wrong way… But anyway… I would like to wish you good speed and hope to see and hear more about your work at “Nightfall” later.

    But, anyway, while news that people like me will never see ending to Gabriel and Wonderkid story are sad, that’s not what i’m here for.

    I would like to get your allowance for posting my translation of AQFH3 inside of russian Fallout modding community. When I found the fact, that NO ONE of, like, dozens translators are doing it… well… I’ve decided to do it, and… Ahemm, right now I have completely translated mod and i’m ready to post it at modgames and falcon-lair (two more-or-less decent sites with good peple and community)… Of course I’m not going to do anything stupid, that mod is completely yours, I’m going to pretend only for translation of it. All rights are yours, and such things…

    Hope to hear answer soon.

    … And sorry for my bad english. I swear, my russian (and translation of mod) are far better! he he…


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