Return to Heaven – Chapter two

Zealot (from Greek ζηλωτήςzelotes, “emulator, zealous admirer or follower”)

Nexus (fromLatin nexus (the act of binding together; bond), from nectō (bind)

nexus – It’s a private property owned by the DorkOne, and he has the right to do whatever he wants with you, he owns you… 🙂

Today I will speak about zealots and their masters.

Maybe initial it was a good intention… maybe initial it was enthusiasm… maybe.

We will never know, what is certain is that the owner of the so called nexus of modding changed all into something evil and despicable.

The hungry for money and power turn a good initiative into the opposite, tearing apart the “community”.

He surrounded himself with people of the same low extraction and begin to… harass the very ones who sustained and make it possible with their work the sites, modders and fans… arrogance, discontempt, this are the common basis for daily “moderator” work.

Let’s take a look at this mad circus… and I will begin from the bottom of the “food chain”…

Micalov – staff member

The lowest bully, it’s used as an enforcer of the lowest quality. He love to lure people into traps and ban them after that.

You could be banned by this “muscle” if you disagree with him, if you ask questions ( for example a poor guy ask if he could use mods on console… it was banned for “PIRACY” ! ).

He love the mockery and verbal abuse towards most common problems asked by people.

Main weapons – misleading, lies and arrogance, all augmented with the most suburban way of speaking.

Thandal – staff member

This guy is the mad dog of the Nexus, in a contest of the craziest people from nexus this guy will win with no opponents.

Basically take everything that is wrong in a modern day government and stuff it into this guy’s online entity.

He has zero common sense and has finger on the ban trigger 24/7. Step out of line just a millimeter and your virtual brain will be splattered across the wall. And even if you don’t step out of line, be prepared to face the belittling of a lifetime via private messages ( one person was banned for deleting his save folder in the MyGames directory…He called them a pirate !!!).

Main weapons – Fights dirty and he loves it, also he accuse without the smallest proof or evidence.

Of course they are some others ( MotoScorpion, LadyMilla, Millenia… ) but they are not worthy to be mentioned compared to the above “giants”, all that they have in common is the same arrogance and elitism towards… everyone.

Now let’s go up the chain food… more surprises await us, now we will will deal with the top predators…

Vagrant0 – moderator

His sarcasm and snide remarks are aggravating and purposely made to stir people up. Too bad the concept of “trolling” doesn’t apply to the moderators… because it would, this guy will win the cup of “Master Troll”.

He sticks around the forums so you can easily avoid him. Same with buddah, who is equally as pretentious and self-centered.

The Vampire Dante – moderator

This one is from another extraction… smart, sometimes benevolent and with some artistic talent but…

But has no spine, obey to his dark master orders, deleting files, modifying accounts and even threatening people, all in the same line with the others but with a more “intellectual “approach… he managed to fool a lot of people, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

And at the top of the food chain… who else than the Dark master.

Who troll all the possible sites to hunt down all the possible opponents of his “private property”, a guy who had no problems in naming assholes those who use addblockers, a guy who’s promoting in an aggressive way a mod manager who needs administrative rights ( !!! ) to access your PC, to access YOUR local data, ANY of your local data… ( you should also expect your IP and UserAgent to be visible through ExtremeTracking… what a hell, it’s a private property)

And below this horde of elitist and arrogant people are the zealots, you know them, those who jump to defend the moderators rule, splattering all over the forums with their arguments taken directly from mods mouth… literally.

One the best example is a black kitty… no creativity, no talent, nothing but…

But “she” know everything about everything and more important, “she’s” in the line.

And like this kat are many more others, ready to trash you for a bit of attention from the Dark Horde. One of the most disappointed moment for me was when a person who I was respecting jumped on my throat accusing me of stealing and dishonoring the memory of Firelady… disgusting… ( later when that person knew the real truth not the one fabricated by the Horde apologize… but it was too late).

And one more thing… they have also something in common… 🙂

Almost all of them tried to create something and guess what?!…they failed… what a damn hilarious fate, to be a moderator and your mods to be ignored… rofl… (“Almost”meaning that one very talented person get lost inside this Horde and I must mention him, for his human and artistic qualities – LHammonds.)

But enough with the Dark Horde… they have a Dark master as a ruler and they will fade away into the darkness and oblivion they belong.

They tried to expand to other popular games but they failed… once you trash your public image is hard to fix it.

They failed to create and maintain a community and the payback could be seen from here…

But more about the “community”, about the arrogance and obedience, in the next chapter.


Until we meet again, what could be the link between “A Quest for Heaven – The Iron Dream” and the game engine Unreal 4 ?…

Have a nice day 🙂


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