Return to Heaven – Chapter one

It’s some time since I haven’t write something, mostly because a lot of good things happened in my life recently, keeping me busy and excited about the new twist in my personal adventure named real life.

But this days I felt that I must return to one of the important part of my life, namely… modding.

I will begin with some questions and I will end with an announcement.

First question it’s about a certain site, who’s owner believe is the nexus of all modding scene… at least that he hopped. During the last years, this site or better said family of sites, become more and more aggressive, elitist and arrogant against his own PAID users, regular users and modders, using tactics like intimidation ( threatening people because speak about “banned” subjects, removing pictures who also contain “banned” names !!! ), sarcastic “moderators” comments to normal questions of normal people, misleading information about the paid accounts and so on.

Even worst… they released a so called “mod manager”, promoting in an aggressive way the use of this mod manager, when it was already a very powerful and stable mod manager… and honest. Honest?… Yes, because this mod manager has a very peculiar behavior.

In my line of work I meet a wide range of people with various jobs, including IT services and I mean professional IT engineers and software programmers. When I ask some of this people to take a look at this piece of “software” the first question what I was asked was: “Where the Hell did you get this piece of junk? “

It’s not about the poor programming, it’s not about the unprofessional way is assembled, it’s about what this ” thing” is NOT doing.

Quoting one of the engineers who examined this software… ” It has so many security holes that I wonder what is the real purpose of this… junk !”

Any honest software will ask YOUR approval to collect information about you or at least will warn you about collecting information… but not this mod manager. Where goes the information collected about you ( browsing habits, personal data, local PC data )… well, only the creator of this software and the owner of the site knows…

But maybe you have noticed the abundance of ads and commercials suffocating you when you browse the pages of this site and strangely… this commercials fit exactly your browsing history. Do you think this information, collected from MILLIONS of users is for free?!…

Is not.

A greedy owner, surrounded by power hungry people, infected with elitism, contempt and  harassment towards the normal people…. nice public image for those who claim to be the nexus of modding… What about the tolerated and encouraged zealots pointed to mislead, disinform and harass people, what about hunting down users on other sites, what about stupidity…well, more in Chapter Two…


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