A true story… Episode 2

I’m back with a new true story, but to properly begin I must reproduce a personal message from one of the Nexus site staff members, with his exact words and writing.


22 March 2014, 02:56


micalov has sent you a new personal conversation entitled “File hidden by staff – A Quest for Heaven Episode 3”.

micalov said:

I have set your file a Quest for Heaven episode 3 to hidden from public view as it contains illegal assets I am afraid.

The member T0xa is a well know ripper from commercial games so all assets of his used minus the stalker animal meshes must be removed from the mod unfortunately and are also not allowed on the Nexus family of sites.

We understand this can be a pain especially for such a large mod but we can not allow illegal assets even if the mod author was not aware of it.

Once the assets have been removed from the mod feel free to unhide it but please do not unhide it until this has been done thank you.



So… notice how that “ I ” is changing at some point suddenly in ” WE “…

Also ” minus the stalker animal meshes ” what does that mean? Toxa is half ripper? some assets ARE allowed and some others don’t?

Or this one ” […] are also not allowed on the Nexus family of sites ” … you must be joking, because in this case you should ban at least a half from mods from Nexus!

After I asked micalov staff member about what resources we talk, exactly, that was the response:


27 March 2014, 01:45


micalov has replied to a personal conversation entitled “File hidden by staff – A Quest for Heaven Episode 3”.

micalov said:

Apologies for the late reply, the file was only hidden, not set into moderator review, the models in question are the toxa ones, namely off hand the time assassin armor is a defo rip from Unreal if I recall and the weapons are heavily suspicious of rips presuming they are his, as a rule of thumb we do not allow Toxa assets in mods full stop minus Stalker creatures because he tends to use 90% ripped assets and the weapons look like a mash up of MW and BF weapons on inspection to be exact.

Toxa himself was given enough chances and kept doing the same.



I responded him with a list of all credited authors, including weapons models.

I agree to change that armor model and some weapons models who might be from Toxa.

Again I asked him to pinpoint exactly the other models in question… well, that final message vent into the wind, since micalov staff member… never responded back.

How it’s possible to have a file voted for the “File of the Month “, to be endorsed ( along others ) by the same micalov staff member and after five ( 5 ! ) month, to ban the author?!

Someone tipped the micalov staff member about the shady things inside AQFH 3?!

Well… now we enter into the twilight zone of the Nexus.

Today I will speak about ONE of the strange characters roaming that place, a character who LOVE to throw on you a wall of text, babbling all kind of pseudo tech stuff, to make you understand how great is she, how much she know about… everything.

Because is a ” she “… or at least that want us to believe .

This ” she ” don’t know that you DO need codecs to hear some music, including for games.

The same ” she ” has the ferm impression that FILES change names when loaded into an editor, or even more interesting, that the files, miraculously, change attributes because of the OS, so if you have something created in Windows XP and you run on Windows 7, you are doomed, your files will begin a crazy movement of changing names AND location, ( maybe they have free will ?! )

The same ” she ” accused one of the well know modders ( mostly for his gorgeous armor models and pictures ) that hi stoled textures from Skyrim… because she saw a GREYED field in NifSkope… without knowing that this was only a feature FOR the Skyrim models only!

The same ” she ” after it was removed from the testing team for AQFH 3, begin a not so subtle campaign against AQFH 3.

”  You wanna be really careful about who you slam on that web site


That’s a line from someone who is able to create only… pictures, taken using others work.

From someone who is confusing people with aberrant explanations.

Because that’s the main difference between creators and destroyers… the first ones could create something from their minds and souls, the second ones know only how to talk about…

Purr for me black kitty… and rest in cc mechanical pieces!

Just wait to read the next story… 🙂





8 thoughts on “A true story… Episode 2

  1. Hello Andromeda, hope every thing is good, really it sades me like the rest of fans to see Nexus website act like this with such an amazing mod hard to find nowadays, before AQFH3 got hidden i heard a roamer that part four is coming to life soon from this mod,, best wishes for u and ur team .
    i need the last patch for AQFH3 cos i have a bug when i finish the quest above and beyond and should go to sleep , sooner i reach the bunker the game freeze cant move and there isnt any hud but noticing that Gabriel is there without his armor walking around, no matter i reload i got the same issue so i disabled all my mods and ran AQFH3 with only fallout and its DLC,,,, same issue i found, also what makes me confused is fo3edit didnt refer to any missing files or wrong load order. As i knew any large mod when trying to instal it using fomm sometimes not all the files get installed so i repeated it manually to make sure that all files r in its places, as i remembered when i started to play this saga one of nexus member under the name BuffHamster was helping me out, as i was before using both files esm., and esp., together till BuffHamster said i should stick to the esm. file …. thanks


    • Hi Hany

      I hope that in maximum 2 weeks, the revised version of AQFH 3 will be uploaded to Mod DB.
      At this moment AQFH 3 – Deep Blue is ready for publishing again, but I must wait for Freddy Farnsworth yo show up again, since hi is having some serious problems in RL.
      The problem is that the ESM file contain the bulk of the mod and the ESP file contain the latest modifications.
      Although it may sound silly, Freddy knows how to merge this two files into an ESM.
      Watch from time to time AQFH home page, to know when AQFH 3 will be online.


      • The last remark there by site admin about MW BF weapons, They don’t belong to the individual games companies,(EA and ACTIVISION), but rather are owned by the companies that manufacture the weapons.


  2. Paul, what ‘fun’ we had with ‘ccmechanic’, huh?
    … well, i think that ‘cc’ is short for “sissy” 😀

    My friend, good to see you are still very active.
    I’m around.


    • In a few days I will post an article, detailing this issue, but as a quick answer…
      AQFH3 DLC Codename Icarus is canceled and AQFH 4 or something similar will be for Fallout 4… if it will be a Fallout 4.
      Sorry for this news


      • Oh. Sorry to hear that. But for all the great work done on this series to date, I am sure that like many others feeling great for the work that you have done. I too am waiting for FO4, if it ever comes out. Still, I continue to enjoy replaying the AQFH series and never tire of repeating it.

        Good luck to you in your endeavors and may they take you to new heights in your life.


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