A shameful decision

It was a time when visiting Nexus site was almost a daily basis.

It was… since someone from the staff decided that I’m no longer welcome.

And that someone proceeded in the most dictatorial possible way, something like in Kafka ” The Trial”.

Accused and executed without a minimal chance to defend my honor and reputation, like in the old “good” times of regimes like Nazi or Soviets.

I will reproduce here the original message sent to Nexus staff… never answered back.

I let the conclusions to your judgement.


Esteemed staff of Nexus

Regarding my recent ban from Nexus.

I want to clarify some aspects regarding the accusations made by micalov staff member.
I will quote he’s own words from the ban reason:

” Use of ripped assets in a mod and blatanly ignoring staff requests to remove them when you were given ample chance”

In the first PM message from micalov staff member to me, was mentioned the name of  Toxa, regarding an armor model for a character who briefly appear and some weapons models.
When I asked him about what specific mesh models are questionable,he mentioned again the armor model and some weapons looking “suspicious “, but the creatures models beeing ok to be used.
No exact pinpointing, no exact references, just… “looking suspicious”.
In my last PM message to him I was asking AGAIN to point me exactly to the questionable models, agreeing to change the armor and known Toxa weapons models, even I attached a list of the weapons models with the known and credited authors.
I NEVER got a response from micalov staff member… for months!
Who is ignoring who and who make false affirmations without CLEAR evidence??

You could verify this in your PM data base.

” You were asked to remove these assets from toxa1 and a few others some month back via private message and your file was hidden by staff”.

WHEN asked me in a private message micalov staff member to remove resources, beside toxa, “FROM A FEW OTHERS”?
From where show up suddenly those “FEW OTHERS”?
I stated clearly at the end of Credits list that I will gladly add to credits ANYONE who was not known or forgot.
Due to the way how AQFH3 was finished, I don’t had the full list of credits, even this days I have added to the Credits list an author discovered by chance ( added and endorsed ).
But from here to the false claim “toxa AND A FEW OTHERS ” it’s a long way.

Again, all my PM conversations with micalov staff member could be verified in your PM data base.

“Since you just unhide the file and left it intact… “

Maybe micalov staff member did not noticed the massive patch uploaded, who contain ALL the modifications I promised to make.
In ANY court in the civilized world this affirmation is simply… false ( using a civilized word ).

I was open minded and good will,I made the changes and uploaded into the AQFH3 PAtch 01, so the file is not “intact”.

So WHAT is the ban reason?!

( Excuse my English if is strange…)

And now the cherry on the cake…
Since when micalov staff member is entitled to make moral judgments about shame?
On others hard work and passion.
Ignoring people, false acusations and truncated truth, this are the dictatorial arguments of a staff member from Nexus?

Don’t you DARE to bring Firelady’s name as an argument to ME, micalov staff memeber!I was there not you!
WHO gives you the right to patronize people? Internet?
Shame on YOU!



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